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Health problems occur more and more often and because of our busy day to day lives, we tend to ignore them, underestimate their long-term effect upon our state of well being and postpone visiting a specialist rather than addressing them.

Our clinic is here to offer you the best medical services, including primary care services. Primary care is a type of health care service provided by Dr. Vu within a clinic environment who make sure that the patients who are under his supervision benefit of general health care. The primary care services’ providers are usually the first doctors who get in touch with the patients when they feel that something is not right, in the context of family and community, while also maintaining a long term stable relationships with their patients. Why are the relationships with the patient important when you are a primary care provider? It’s simple. The whole primary care service is dealing with a wide range of personal health issues, such as sinus infections, stomach problems, skin rashes, allergies, depression, high blood pressure, or acne. Therefore, establishing a sustainable relationship with them is crucial when giving pertinent medical advice.

Keeping these points in mind, our clinic works hard to make sure that you and your family receive professional and efficient pieces of advice that are adapted to your specific needs and not hard to follow. Also, if the patients’ condition requires a more in-depth opinion, our primary care providers will guide you to other specialists who are sure to give you healthcare options that can diagnose and treat your advanced conditions. In addition, your primary care provider may also coordinate you to other service areas within our clinic, as we offer a large majority of services in order to ensure that our patients benefit of a complete health care system every day.

Therefore, ask yourself “How important is your health for you?” We suggest you to stop postponing. Your health should be a priority. This is why the primary care services we offer includes professional advice regarding both health and lifestyle. We welcome you to see for yourself why our clinic is exactly what you and your family need in order to start or maintain a happy, healthy and long life.

Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?

This is a membership model for healthcare. This allows the doctor and patient to work toward the health and wellness of the patient without the interference of the insurance companies or the government.

Is this concierge medicine?

No. The concept is the same but DPC does not accept or file for any insurance. Direct primary care physician works for the patient.

How will I benefit from a Direct Primary Care physician?

Since my main focus is on the patient (and not on nonsensical paperwork), I am able to devote my time to investigate my patient’s problem(s), sift through the solutions and customize a plan with my patient.

Do you accept any health insurance?

Absolutely NOT. The red tape, the intrusion and the interference of patient care are avoided. True quality time is devoted to answering your questions and addressing your needs.

What kind of insurance do I need?

I recommend that patient purchase a high deductible plan, or a health care sharing ministry to cover for major medical problem. Better yet, discuss with your insurance agent or the human resource person about your particular options.

What if I don’t have insurance?

I do recommend insurance, but do NOT require insurance. You will be treated just like other members.

What if I have Medicare or Tricare?

You can use that for hospitalization or other major medical problem.

How much does this cost and what do I get?

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How do I join this awesome practice?

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