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Restorative Hair Loss Therapy

Hair has been referred to throughout history as a persons “crowning glory”. It is often associated with health, youth, vigor and vitality. Is it any wonder, then, that so many people associate hair loss with looking – and feeling – older? Here at the Georgia Wellness Solutions, we strive to restore lost hair using some of the most advanced non-surgical techniques available in medicine today. Our goal is to help our patients regain the look and feel of youth and health by restoring their own naturally growing hair without painful invasive surgery.

Did You Know?

Although people tend to associate hair loss with aging men, both men and women can experience hair thinning and loss at almost any age.

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

There are several factors that can cause hair loss in either gender. Being genetically predisposed to losing your hair is one possibility, but hair loss can also be caused by hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, infection or disease, and more.

How Can Hair be Restored? 

For a lot of people, when they think of hair restoration they immediately think of surgical replacement techniques like plugs and other types of transplants. We at the Georgia Wellness Solutions believe surgery should be an absolute last resort and so we offer our patients non-surgical options for restoring lost hair. These options are not only safe and effective, they are less invasive and require much less down time than the traditional surgical approach. Let’s explore some of our more popular options:
  • Prescription Medications: May be used to help restore lost hair as well as to strengthen and slow the loss of the hair that is currently present. When using this approach, it is important to first determine what the underlying cause for the hair loss is as the root cause will help determine what medication or combination of medications will be most appropriate to treat each patient’s condition.
  • PRP/ Stem Cell Therapies: Platelets are extracted from a patient’s blood, concentrated, and then activated. Once activated, these platelets stimulate growth factors in stem cells to increase hair follicle number and increase the rate of hair growth. Since this procedure involves your own blood products, there is absolutely no side effects or allergic reactions.
  • Red Laser Therapy: Red Lasers can potentially help in certain patients with hair loss. They work by increase the number of hair follicles present and also by increasing the rate at which the active growing follicles can generate new hair growth. Results can be astonishing with the right laser, but be careful because not all laser or lights are equal. At Georgia Wellness Solutions, we can assist you in finding the appropriate laser based upon your individual hair restoration needs.

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